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 Yoga Therapy Group Programs

Are you suffering from neck and shoulder pain?

Is the pain interfering with your life?

This program is tailored to help mobilise and release tension in the neck and shoulders. consisting of;

Are you anxious? On constant high alert?

Do you feel drained? Or over Whelmed?

A 10 week course focusing on balancing the nervous system. This course is designed for anyone feel anxious, fatigued or mentally burnt out.

Do you struggle to fall asleep?

Do you wake up countless times in the night?

An 8 week course focusing on getting a better nights sleep. If you struggle to fall asleep, find yourself waking up in the night, or unable to fall back to sleep at the early hours. This is the course for you. 

Hatha Class


Do you feel overwhelmed?

Are you constantly on the going?

Looking for ways to take care of your wellbeing?

An 10 week course focusing on calming the nervous system and bringing balance. This course is designed to give you helpful tools to center yourself and make space in your busy life. learn to take of yourself. 

Yoga For Fibromyalgia

coming soon....

Child Pose


Colorful Crystal


Ever wanted to know more about subtle anatomy? Join me as we explore all 7 of the main chakras of the body.

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