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'Quick Release Program'

For neck & shoulder pain

Are you suffering from neck and shoulder pain?

Is the pain interfering with your life?

This program is tailored to help mobilise and release tension in the neck and shoulders. consisting of;

1 video explaining where neck pain comes from and how we can avoid it in our everyday lives.

- Recognise where your tension is coming from

- Learn how to make small changes to better support your body

- A postural analysis, one simple sheet to help you understand where to start

4 on demand classes - four classes specifically designed to release tension and mobilse the neck and shoulders.

- Mobility & Stretch

- Energise & Mobilise

- Activate & Release

-Strength & Reprieve

1 guided relaxation - designed to work on the throat chakra and opening up the energy channels of the body.

3 Quick Morning Mobilisation- Quick techniques to get you moving, designed to increase mobility;

- Morning Mobilisation

- Morning Movements

- Morning Chanting

3 Before Bed Unwinds- Small routines to help you release tension in the evenings, use them after work or before bed;

- Evening Neck Release

- Evening Shoulder Release

- Evening Chanting

A libary of quick techniques to release tension fast! for the days you don't have much time or energy.

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