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Yoga For The

Nervous System

Each week I will up load techniques and practice sheets to this page. These techniques can be used as little or as often as you like, for the best the results I recommend using them on a daily bases. 

Week 1&2 - Making Space 

These weeks is all about finding some time for yourself! Make space to roll out your yoga mat, prop yourself up so you can completely relax and try this weeks meditation and Pranayama. 

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Week 3&4 - Survival Tools

In these weeks we are going to work on implementing survival tools. Simple and effective ways to  calm the mind, working on reprogramming our thoughts and how we speak to our selves.

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Week 5&6 - Letting Go 

Use these weeks to let go, let go of tension, let go of emotions, let go of baggage. Let go of anything that does not serve you and does not feed your soul!

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Week 7&8 - Finding Grace

These weeks we are going to focus on gratitude. Using our time to focus on to the beauty of life, every small act of kindness and compassion. life is precious and if we slow down long enough we might just see all the good it brings. 

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Week 9&10 - Self Preservation  

Use these weeks to learn how to recharge your energy. Learning to relax is a skill and takes time. The lessons in these next few weeks should be repeated regularly. Play some music, burn your favourite smelling candle and make time to completely relax. 

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