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Evening Practice - Muladhara




Stand in mountain pose bring your awareness to your body. Feel grounded, bring your awareness to the breath and the body.  (10 breaths)

Peddle feet_edited.jpg


Peddle feet

Lift one heel and then the other, bring your awareness to the feet and move with the breath.  

foot stretch_edited.jpg


Foot stretch

Plant the right foot down and come up on to the toes of the left foot. Roll over the toes of the left foot. Feel free to pause and take a few breathes releasing the sole of the foot and the top of the foot. Repeat on the other side.

standing cat_edited.jpg


Standing cat

Bring the hands to the knees, work with the breath. focus on to the tilt of the pelvis. (6 Breaths)

chair flow_edited.jpg


Chair flow

Move slowly and with the breath, with awareness, bend the knees enough to allow the spine to relax. (Repeat 3 times)


Goddess flow 

goddess flow_edited.jpg

Bring your awareness to the feet, feel grounded, feel the hips sinking down towards the earth. Feel strong in the legs. (Repeat 3 times)

Forward fold, self touch_edited.jpg


Forward fold

move the spine in and out before holding the fold. Focus on to the release rather than the stretch. Bend the knees as you need too. (6 breaths in movement hold for 6 breaths)

wide forward fold_edited.jpg


Wide leg fold

Focus on to the release rather than the stretch. Bend the knees as you need too. (6 breaths)

cat cow_edited_edited_edited.jpg


Cat - Cow

Move with the breath releasing any tension in the spine. Notice how the body feels, how the movement feels. Where do you feel it? (6 breaths)

childs pose_edited_edited.jpg


Childs pose 

With the option of using the bolster under the belly in child's pose to feel the effects of the movement on the body. (6 breaths) Take a further 6 breaths with your japa mantra!




Move with the breath releasing the spine, Try one leg at a time or both together.  (6 breaths)

bend knees_edited.jpg


Bend & straighten knee

Draw the left knee to the chest and slowly with the breath bend and straighten the right leg. Remember to point and flex the toes.  (6 breaths)

straight leg_edited.jpg


Leg lift

Keep the right leg straight and move slowly with the breath from the hip. Remember to keep the leg off the ground. (6 breaths)

hamstring stretch_edited.jpg


Assisted hamstring stretch 

Bring the strap around the back of the head inline with occipital bone and then around the base of the right toes. If this causes strain on the back bend the left knee. (6 - 12 breaths)

REPEAT 12 - 14 on the other side




Keep your feet grounded and move in and out of the twist to prepare the body for (4 breaths) Hold the twist on both sides (6 breaths)



Supported inversion

You can do this up a wall at home or use a chair. Simply breath notice the effects of the practice (6 - 12 breaths)



Chandra Bhedana

Finish the practice with your Chandra Bhedana breath. (10 - 20 breaths)

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