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Morning Practice - Muladhara



Ujayii & Bandhas

Sit in a comfortable position bring your awareness to your body. Feel grounded, bring your awareness to the breath. Activate Mula bandha on the inhale and Uddiyana bandha on the exhale.  (10 breaths)

Side bends_edited.jpg


Side bends

Keep your hips grounded, focus on to the breath, move slowly and with awareness. (Alternate sides 10 breaths)

seated cat cow_edited.jpg


Seated cat cow

Bring the hands to the knees, work with the breath. Focus on to the tilt of the pelvis. (6 breaths)

childs pose_edited_edited.jpg


Childs pose

With the option of using the bolster under the belly in child's pose to feel the effects of the movement on the body. (6 breaths) Take a further 6 breaths with your japa mantra!

cow down dog_edited_edited.jpg


Cow in to Down dog

Transition from cow pose to down dog, remember to bend the knees if your hamstrings are tight (6 breaths)

Down dog peddle_edited.jpg


Down dog

Feel free to peddle the feet for a few breaths and then hold the pose bringing awareness to the breath and the bandhas. (6 - 12 breaths)

Forward fold, self touch_edited.jpg


Forward fold

Move the spine in and out before holding the fold. Focus on to the release rather than the stretch. Bend the knees as you need too. (6 breaths in movement hold for 6 breaths)



Warrior 1

Start standing bring the hands to belly Transition with the breath. Letting go of what no longer serves you on the exhale and take what you need on the inhale.  (6 breaths left side)

warrior 2_edited.jpg


Warrior 2

Open up in to your warrior 2, feel grounded, bring your awareness to the sensations of the body. Repeat your japa mantra. (6 breaths)

wide forward fold_edited.jpg


Wide leg forward fold

Focus on to the release rather than the stretch. Bend the knees as you need too. (6 breaths)

REPEAT 08 - 10 on the other side

cat cow_edited_edited_edited.jpg


Cat Cow

Release the spine with a vini yoga cat cow. Take as long as you need here to let go. Notice how the body feels. 

supported childs pose_edited.jpg


Supported childs pose

Bring the bolster under the belly, sink the hips back in to child's pose and focus on the breath. for added comfort try wrapping the feet with a blanket or bringing a blanket under the forehead. (10 breaths)



Easy lotus 

Finish the practice with your nadi shodhana breath. (10 - 20 breaths)

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