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Chandra Bhedana

Chandra Bhedana is a powerful variation of Nadi Shodhana, which uses a similar technique but isolates the practice to your left nostril. This side of the nostril is known to have a calming effect, leading to the nickname of “moon breath". 

Isolating the breath through a single nostril can help to relax the mind, but alternating between the two nostrils is likely to create a strong feeling of aliveness. While this can be peaceful and help with deep meditation, it is not always best for sleep.

The left side of the body is deeply connected to our nervous system and by breathing in through the left side only we we cool the body and create an even deeper calming effect. 


How to;

· Sitting in comfortable position with lengthened spine, bring your thumb and index finger to the nose to alternately pinch bridge of nose on each side.

· First inhale right & exhale left to clear the airways, then –

· Inhale left, exhale right. Inhale left, exhale right.

· Work up to inhaling 20 inhales and 20 exhales.


As your lung capacity improves you can make your breaths longer but never force the breath, it should always feel comfortable and relaxed. 

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